Our approach is different

Great web solutions start with asking the right questions.

Our development process will translate your vision into a professional solution that is based on reliable and affordable internet technologies.  Thorough planning and phased construction will ensure that you make effective use of your development budget.

Discover & Analysis

Understanding the vision

We start by listening to your needs and gathering the information required to help us understand your audience, your competition and your business goals.

Our goal is to help differentiate your idea from the competition.  Some projects can benefit
from a market analysis that identifies additional product features or recommends approaches to promote and monetize your idea.

Once we understand your project we will recommend a technical approach that is best suited to your requirements and budget.

Project Planning

Charting your course

Complex projects require working in phases to ensure a successful and timely result.
We'll ensure that the core areas of value get addressed first, while less-essential features get phased for later development - as your schedule and budget allow.

A detailed schedule will provide measurable milestones and include adequate time for testing and fine-tuning your website before its launch.

Architecture & Design

Targeted Technology

Our solutions are based on a comprehensive architecture that utilizes efficient databases and scalable, market-proven technologies.  The importance of any user interactions merits carefully mocking up and refining all screens to ensure a usable design.

When possible, our web applications leverage open-source software and components to provide you with a more economical solution.

Execution & Delivery

Mission accomplished!

During the development of your website you can expect regular status updates - allowing you to review progress and provide valuable feedback.

Our phased approach makes it easy to monitor development and keep control over your budget.
Rigorous testing and a usability review will ensure that your website is ready for launch.

Once development is complete and your project goes live, we'll monitor your site to make sure everything is operating smoothly.  We can also provide training and ongoing support for your web application.

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