Case Study:   Weightcircles.com

Industry:  Social Networking
Website:  www.weightcircles.com

Zilko Web Solutions developed several social networking features for Weightcircles.com and prepared the weight loss support group website for launch.

After the initial beta version of this website had been created, Zilko Web Solutions was engaged to improve the appearance and usability of the site and to develop additional user-interaction and content management features.

Work on this project included extensive architecture and design work, as well as the development of web page templates and reusable display components.  We also built a configurable solution for delivering user-specific content for display on members' pages and several other extensible and secure user-interaction features.

Results:  Weightcircles.com had a successful launch followed by increased interaction amongst its members.  Weightcirles recently shut down after three years of providing a vibrant social-networking community.

Services Provided:

  • Product architecture
  • Feature design
  • Custom application development
  • Webpage tempates

Technologies Utilized:  MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS

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